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Another Fabulous Salmon Recipe

Another Fabulous Salmon Recipe

I was at 1020 Post recently in Darien and, after seeing it on a friends plate, I ordered the poached salmon with dill cucumber sauce.  It was out of this world.  I then spent the rest of the evening trying to worm the recipe for the sauce out of the kitchen, but I was not convinced that the list of ingredients they gave me would produce the sauce I had eaton.   So I am delighted to report that I have succeeded in recreating the dish and recently served it as lunch to a large crowd, together with lentils, a traditional accompaniment to salmon,  topped with roasted brussel sprouts, cranberries and candied pecans.  The cranberry and brussel sprout mix was suggested by a dish I tasted at the Harlan Social in Stamford. Admittedly it was last December but it worked just as well in July and I could not believe how excited everyone was was by brussel sprouts!

I cheated slightly with the poaching liquid.  Normally I would use a bottle of dry white wine and top up with water but when I went to the wine fridge there was not more than two glasses left. A classic court bouillon can be made with wine and shrimp tails so I improvised with what I had to hand.  It worked well, but feel free to use wine only if you have some. To poach the salmon I also used a proper poaching kettle, but previously I have succeeded with a roasting tin as long as it is deep enough to cover the fish completely.


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