Super Easy Keylime Pie with Ginger Nut Cookie Base

Super Easy Keylime Pie with Ginger Nut Cookie Base


I always feel like a bit of a fraud when everyone says how much they like my key lime pie, because it is so easy. I mix up the base, but generally use a cheesecake base of either digestive biscuits or graham crackers.  I tend not to add any extra sugar as I do not see the need.  For this recipe I am changing it up and using ginger nuts.  Half a box to be precise which leaves the other half to be eaton with a nice cup of tea.  When I was little, my friend’s mother told me that if you cracked a ginger snap on your elbow and it broke into three pieces and then you ate those three pieces in COMPLETE SILENCE you could make a wish.  We ate a lot of ginger snaps, and she always seemed very happy.

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