Linzer Cookies

Linzer Cookies

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Linzer Cookies

There is something about cutting a little heart (or star at Christmas time) out of the center of the Linzer cookie dough which elevates these rather regular cookies, or biscuits as we say in the U.K., into something very special. I sometimes make the cookie itself heart shaped, because you can never have too much love.

The dough is very well behaved. You can use it to make plain shortbreads, without the raspberry jam. I have also been known to cut out hearts and dip them in either plain or milk chocolate.

Jammie Dodgers

We have biscuits in the UK called Jammie Dodgers, which are basically Linzer Cookies, and a staple of any British childhood in much the way that Oreos are in the USA.  My husband tells me that when he was at college he and his friends would introduce themselves as designers.  The chat up line went something like…’Hi, I am a designer, biscuit designer – Jammie Dodgers; that was one of mine!’

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