Darien Cheese Shop Cheese Plate and Salad

Darien Cheese Shop Cheese Plate and Salad

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As most of you already know I love the cheese shop in Darien, it is definitely one of my favorite places.  So imagine how excited I was when I learn that Ken was giving a talk  to the Woman’s Group at the Darien Community Association. We agreed to collaborate, with Ken supplying the cheese and for good measure we sourced as much of the meal as possible from the cheese shop, so in addition to the cheeses listed below we also had fabulous bread, quince paste and fig jam.    I served the cheeses with a salad, the recipe is below.

Everything You Want to Know About Cheese with the fabulous Ken Skovron from the Darien Cheese Shop.

Cheese Menu

St. Johnsville

Country of Origin – United States

Region – Mohawk Valley

Milk Type – Pasteurized Goat

Coming from Cochran Farms, St. Johnsville is a bright chevre styled after those of the Loire/Poitou region of France. The flavors are milky and tangy, with a good balance of grass, hay, and salt.

Crème de Lyon

Country of Origin – France

Region – Rhone/Alpes

Milk Type – Pasteurized Cow

Commonly known as D’Affinois, this double crème cheese has the profile of Brie and a triple crème at the same time. The palette presents buttery, sweet cream notes with a beautiful pudgy, creamy texture.


Country of Origin – Italy

Region – Lombardy

Milk Type – Pasteurized Cow

Produced by the Italian CasArrigoni family, Taleggio is a traditional DOP protected washed rind cheese. With a bite of pungency and funk, this cheese has a melody of tang with notes of grass and fresh cream.

 Beaufort Alpage

Country of Origin – France

Region – Haute Savoie

Milk Type – Raw Cow

One of the oldest, dating back 2000 years, and most famous Alpine cheeses, Beaufort Alpage is a traditionally crafted cheese that holds its character in the age-old practices of how it’s prepared. With aromas of barnyard and hay, the palette presents toasted nuts, caramel, hay, fresh herbs, and warm butter.

Ossau Iraty Fermier

Country of Origin – France

Region – Basque

Milk Type – Raw Sheep

Using an age-old practice, called transhumance, where the animals are allowed to graze naturally and wildly, gives the character of the cheese a quality that is so natural and raw. The notes are very nutty and salt, with a bit of tang and sweetness.

Shropshire Blue

Country of Origin – England/United Kingdom

Region – Leicestershire

Milk Type – Pasteurized Cow

Produced by the most famous Colston Basset Dairy and affinaged by Neal’s Yard Dairy, Shopshire Blue, a hand-ladled cheese, is a yearly treat that many look forward to. With the addition of annatto seeds, Shropshire tends to be creamier and mellower than Stilton, yet delicately sweet.

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