Carolyn’s Absolutely Fabulous Events -Catering Services-follow me on instagram @carolynsfabfoods or on facebook!

Carolyn’s Absolutely Fabulous Events -Catering Services-follow me on instagram @carolynsfabfoods or on facebook!

This is as good as it gets!

Private Catering – I am back in Darien and available for hire!

Carolyn’s Absolutely Fabulous Events is a small, fully licensed company offering bespoke catering services in Darien, Connecticut and the local surrounding area.  

Let me help you with catering your next event. Call or email me! I love talking about food and parties and will work with you and your budget to provide a unique and memorable experience. 

Celebrating British and European Cuisine

Having grown up in Scotland, I have always cooked real food with real ingredients. I have also had the pleasure of living in both London and Copenhagen, and experiencing the fabulous food those cities have to offer. 

My specialty is Afternoon Teas.

Think Downton Abbey meets The Great British Bake-Off!

Mini Pavlovas Valentine afternoon tea
Mini Pavlovas Valentine afternoon tea

But recently, I have been having great fun with an Australian concept called Grazing Tables.

and mixing it up with cocktail version of Danish Smørrebrød

Recent Events

Since my return from Copenhagen, I have successfully delivered a cocktail party for over one hundred people, a buffet lunch for seventy and a dinner party for twelve.  I am a good cook and a great baker. In the last month a fiesta engagement party was very fun.


However, providing desserts for a wedding dessert grazing table may have been the highlight of my ‘professional’ career.

Wedding Dessert Table

Let’s take care of everyone!

I love helping to create menus for events and parties. With so many people moving to a plant based, gluten and dairy free diet, I can help provide food that everyone can enjoy. Think of me as a ‘Mor’ (Danish for mother), not a professional chef. Someone who cares about your event as if it was her own. Someone who just wants everyone to be happy and have a good time!

Just a little help

I can also help out by making cakes, savoury dishes or desserts if you only need a little extra help. Contact me on 203 638 4076 with requests.

Royal Wedding Lemon and Elderflower Cupcakes
Royal Wedding Lemon and Elderflower Cupcakes

Full range of services.

I offer breakfasts, lunches and dinners and everything in-between. For evening cocktail parties, try out a seasonal grazing tables.

Delivery from $20

Hourly rate $40.00

Starting point for menus

Below is a selection of the sort of things I offer, for more options look under recipes. Soups


Potato and Leek

Scottish Lentil Soup with Creme Fraîche and Bacon


Scotch broth


Chicken and Vegetable Soup with Kale

Roasted Squash with pear and Gorgonzola cream

Grains and fruit/veg based Salads

Pasta with lemon dressing, peas and herbs

Pasta with pesto, roasted veg, Feta cheese, tomatoes and Pine Nuts

Ancient grains as above

Quinoa with lime, cilantro, beans, corn and edamami

Quinoa with seeds and golden raisins

Quinoa with roasted butternut squash, pecans and cranberries and roasted Kale


German Potato Salad

Mango salsa/Pineapple Salsa

Green Salads

Green salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, grated carrot, Marconi almonds, cranberries fig balsamic

Pear and Stilton, cranberry, pomegranate cranberry pear dressing

Oranges, beets, Marconi almonds, Green Beans

Chicken, avocado and bacon

Arugula, peach, prosciutto and mozzarella


Grilled asparagus with Parmesan

Green Beans with slivered almonds or roasted tomatoes, lemon and anchovies

Tian (sliced vegetables over a tomato base, topped with cheese)

Roasted carrots with thyme

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta


Roasted Peppers with Tomatoes and Anchovies

Roasted Potatoes, Tomatoes and Green Beans


Pesto, goat’s cheese and tomato,

Smoked salmon and Boursin,

Caramelized leek, mushroom and bacon,

Ham and broccoli,


Main Events

Coronation chicken

Chinese chicken

Tuna Salad with celery, green apples, cranberries

Salmon, roasted or poached

Salad Niçoise

Fillet of beef

Haggis Beef Wellington

Chicken Potpie

Beef Bourguignon (also in pie form)

Roast Turkey with Sausage stuffing wrapped in bacon

Home roasted Ham on the bone

Macaroni Cheese

Grilled Chicken

Grilled Pork Tenderloin


From recent clients

‘What an amazing job! Your desserts were over the top spectacular! Everyone raved about how delicious and beautiful they were. Thank you a million times over.’ Carolyn (Wedding desserts for 185)

Thank you for an awesome breakfast buffet – loved by all!’ xo Diane

‘Everything was truly excellent. People loved your food. The Beef Wellington was a huge hit…the (poached) salmon was outstanding…they made a memorable dinner party’ Suzanne

‘Thank you so much for that sumptuous spread-everyone raved about the food. We certainly made the right choice to work with you!’ Professional Woman’s group lunch

In the News

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Darien Patch

New Canaan, Darien + Rowayton Magazine

6 thoughts on “Carolyn’s Absolutely Fabulous Events -Catering Services-follow me on instagram @carolynsfabfoods or on facebook!”

  • Hi Carolyn,
    I have been in a food coma for the last three Thursday’s after your wonderful lunches at the DCA. Your key lime pie is the best dessert I have ever had!! Can I order one for Thanksgiving or Christmas?? I would love to order some sides for Thanksgiving if you have the time too.

  • Hi Carolyn,

    I had such a great time speaking with you at the Broker Breakfast at 320 Post Road in Darien yesterday morning and would love to get together to continue our dialogue. You can reach me at home at 845-278-7188 or send me an e-mail at my office. Looking forward to hearing from you!


    P.S. – Your quiche was the best I’ve ever had!

  • Hi Carolyn!
    This is Eve Mauger’s daughter. We are planning a wedding for Erick and I next summer 2020 in June. Would you be able to cater for 100 people? Otherwise, would you be able to make a wedding cake? How much do you charge for catering for 100 people? And a wedding cake?

    We look forward to hearing from you 🙂
    Kim Mauger

    • Just checking you got my reply? I would love to talk to you about your plans. also what date are you thinking about, my husband is keen to travel to the UK in June and need make sure we do not book for the wrong dates.

  • I haven’t been able to stop talking about all of the phenomenal sweet and savory treats made by Carolyn for my friend’s bridal shower this summer. From figs with goat cheese and honey to prosciutto wrapped peaches, lemon mousse to chocolate caramel squares, and mini Victoria sponges to the most amazing scones with clotted cream and jam, this bridal shower feast had it all. Every single bite was delicious and left me dreaming of more! Could not recommend Carolyn’s Absolutely Fabulous more, it will definitely surpass all expectations xx

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