Flatbreads or Pizzas to please everyone!

Flatbreads or Pizzas to please everyone!

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One pizza, so many choices

I love the flatbreads and pizza bases you can buy because a) everyone gets to choose their own topping and b) by calling it artisanal you can convince yourself  that it is both healthy and lower in calories than a regular pizza.  Also I can never quite choose what I want so this way I can have a little bit of everything. This works really well for serving at a children’s party as they can choose which toppings they want and make the pizza themselves.  Do not be limited by my suggestions!  As you can see in the picture I did not have the lovely green basil or arugula to finish the pizzas, they really do add to the taste and are worth adding.

I love a crisp salad with my pizza. For this  I would just have some green, maybe some cherry tomatoes and a lovely lemony dressing.  For the dressing use the ratio of two parts fresh lemon juice, 5 parts olive oil and add a little salt, pepper and some mustard powder or dijon if you have it.


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