Things we Love

Things we Love

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In New Canaan, purveyors of wonderful British foods and products. Also they are very friendly.


I found out that Shoprite is the only place that sells fresh pasteurised eggs in the neighborhood.  But while I was there I also found so many unusual items.  Different types of Chorizo, perfect for the chorizo and fig recipe which I will share soon, great bread and rolls and a fantastic selection of Bob’s Mill products. Love that shop, Right!

Chicken and Dill Salad on a Croissant.

I am not even going to give you a proper recipe.  Mix cold cooked chicken with thinly sliced celery, green grapes cut in half, mayonnaise and finely chopped dill.  Use to fill croissants, (they sell great ones at Trader Joe’s or Costco), it is so good.

Favourite new Green Salad

I started throwing this together after I found figs at Costco, and I just had to buy them.  It is spectacular, the honey at the end is optional but takes the salad to a whole new level. I also made something similar replacing the figs with peaches and using feta cheese adding a little mint at the end.  Experiment!

Fig Plants

So of course now I have a complete fig obsession so imagine my delight when I discovered that Wholefoods were selling hardy fig plants.


Well, who does not love Costco.  My new favorite thing is their asian slaw.  You will find it next to the Kale salad in the chilled room.


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